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21 Reasons Why Use a Coworking Space?

Coworking space is creating buzz everywhere and people are adopting this change very fast. Well, we Surtis are also not behind and are accepting this new work style with ease. Over the course of time, many workplaces have started evolving in Surat at different places with a new concept. There is a long list of co-working places and more shall come but I would like to tell you about the largest and finest co-working space established in December 2017 – IKoVerk collaborative workspace.

Its concept evolved from the mind and the heart of the seven enthusiastic people from Surat keeping an aim to transform the workspace and make it capable enough to sustain the global change. And that’s how the journey to curate IKoVerk sta2rted and is now transformed into the most attractive and buzzing workplace of Surat.

You may be wondering what makes it unique and why use coworking space, then read the amazing 21 reasons below

1 - Location:

Location is one of the most important aspects while considering the workplace. IKoVerk is on the top floor surrounded by a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. The view of lush green farms and scenic sunsets from the open terrace is the major source of creativity. Here you can completely lose yourself in your work and spread inspiration.

2 - Vibrant Design

We human beings get distracted easily and need the motivation to get back to our work. But if you are at IKoVerk you would be surrounded by its unique war based theme interiors which will constantly charge you up. We believe that every co-worker is the warrior, coming to win his battle and achieve his dreams.

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3 - Friendly Management

The main reason which holds back the co-workers coming back is its management team. They are very supportive and are always ready to help. They try their best to offer uninterrupted service to the co-workers.

4 - Flexible Desk Plans

We offer options like hot desk, personal desk, and private cabins. Hot desk plans have flexibility like 1 day-pass, 8 day-pass/month, 13 day-pass/month. You can rent it as per your work need. You can also easily switch between them as per the growth of your business. Check out the details here.

5 - Amenities

You will have access to all the basic amenities like WiFi, printing, reception support, CCTV camera surveillance, café service, pantry service, branding space, library and many more. You just have to relax and concentrate on your work.

6 - Virtual Office     

IKoVerk provides the virtual office facilities for the home-based businesses or for the company expanding into newer markets. We offer you the office address to showcase on your websites and use for further communication. We also give lockers for posts and courier handling.

7 - Health Cafe

A healthy body produces great ideas. We strictly follow this mantra and have Surat’s finest health café – Swiss Whisk to keep watch on its coworker’s eating habits. Also, we have free food vouchers which urge you to eat healthily.

8 - Mentor’s Support

We are proud that we have mentors from across 40+ fields who are always ready to help and guide our co-workers. We also hold regular mentors - co-workers meet to boost interpersonal communication. Check out our mentor's details here.

9 - Separate Event Space and Workspace

Many co-workings have same event space and workspace which often create a disturbance for the co-workers. Here, we have it them different and all the walls are soundproof which gives privacy and undisturbed environment to the co-workers.

10 – Building cohesive community

Over the time, co-workers from different domains have evolved and have developed their own community. They truly have the stranger turn family relationships and are always ready to help and support each other in every celebration.

11 - Networking

We organized a vast range of networking events collaborated with different groups and local communities. This provides exposure and platform to its co-workers to grow their business by generating referral and connecting them with the prospective client.

12 - Socializing

Apart from networking event, we host various launching events, open-mics, infotainment seminars, etc. These boost co-workers to widen their social circle. Check out our Facebook page to know more about latest activities and updates.

13 - Cost Efficient

IKoVerk is cost-effective and hassle-free as compared to the traditional office setup. It also avoids all the maintenance cost and saves your time and money. Our packages start from Rs 2500 onwards.

14 - Startups and Freelancers Club

We are building startups, freelancers, and budding entrepreneurs community through clubs. We bring the beginners and the experts under one roof to exchange knowledge and work. The club is solely focussed on entrepreneurship and business activities. Join the group and subscribed to the Pro membership here.

15 - Entertaining Night

We host an exclusive movie night, music night, IPL night, open mic, etc for our co-workers and mentors to give them a break from their busy schedule. This brings co-worker and mentors more close to each other.     

16 - Open Terrace

We have the best open terrace which often becomes the chill out zone of the co-workers. This cafeteria cum relaxing place is best for meeting your friends or for conducting an informal meeting with clients. Also, this space is accessible to non-members also for conducting a meeting.

17 - Game Fights

We have game zones where co-workers come together and fight over their favourite games. This fuels their energy levels and gets them ready for more work.

18 - Best Venue for Hosting Events

In a span of a few months, it has become one of the most buzzing places in Surat for hosting events, seminars, and meets. With its strong social media presence, it helps in promoting the events and reach out to huge public audiences.

19 - Online Booking and Payment

We have separate software that helps in bridging the gap between co-workers and the management team and helps in saving time. You can smoothly handle all your transactions online.

20 - Free Co-working Day

We are the only one in Surat which celebrates Free Co-working Day along with 40+ co-working space in Asia on every 1st Thursday of the month. We are part of a global co-working community creating awareness about co-working among people.

21 - Meeting Room and Conference Room

iKoVerk gives access to its meeting room and conference room facilities to other people as well. They can book as per their requirements and usages. We already have big organizations and companies holding their regular meetings.

The above benefits make iKoVerk a truly amazing co-working space in Surat. You will experience positive vibes once you visit it. So if you are in Surat or coming to Surat then don’t wait any longer and book your tour here and get your free 2-day trial. Come and experience the all-new world of co-working.