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Why Co working Space Is In Demand Nowadays After Working Spaces in Surat?

Surat is an amazing place and it will welcome you when you are looking for a perfect place to start your business. You should know that Surat has become one of the best city for startups and small businesses operating in any domain.

India has the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world and Indian Startup ecosystem has made a huge advance in the past few years. There are many startup success stories from tier 2 cities and Surat is one of them.

Story behind startups in Surat

In the initial stages of your business, you and your partners will be funding the startup and you will have only limited capital. And you may find that this capital is just enough to cover only the essential expenses.

You may struggle to find a working space for your startup. Having a private office will incur additional expense and you may find it difficult to run a business from your home.

Coworking space

Coworking space is an office on rent or shared office that will provide you with a wide range of benefits which are not available in traditional offices. Here you can meet your clients, collaborate with your team and work with grace and style.

Coworking space will just be the perfect solution for you as it will provide everything you need to run your business smoothly. It will offer you flexible office space, as per your choice, and also a perfect work environment.

If you are looking for a coworking space in Surat there are many options. With the growing number of startups in Surat coworking spaces are becoming popular as they provide a variety of amenities to suit your needs.

Benefits of coworking spaces

Coworking spaces save the money and time  you would have to spend on managing an office space. They will provide you with a receptionist, a contact manager and a team of people who would help you with everything.

Once you decide to work from a shared office space you can move in immediately after signing the contract. In the case of a conventional office, you will not be able to move in so quickly.

Cost effective

Coworking spaces will have hot desks, dedicated desks, cabins, conference halls, meeting rooms, break out zones, recreational areas and a pantry.  As a member of a coworking space, you will have access to printers, fax machines, phone and internet services, and other utilities.

When you are working from a coworking space you will have the opportunity to manage your limited resources efficiently and devote your entire attention to your business.

Flexibility and scalability

You can rent shared office spaces on a monthly basis and extend the contract if you want to continue in the same place. This is not possible in a traditional office space and you have to bear the burden of a yearly contract. And if you break the contract in between then you will lose your money.

Growth oppurtunities

As your business grows you will have no problem in moving into a bigger working space. You can move from dedicated desks to cabins, to accommodate your team. 

A working space is always available to support you as your business grows. Coworking spaces attract freelancers and this will help you souce talent as you expand your business.

IkoVerk, office on rent in Nanpura, is the largest coworking space in Surat. It is very flexible and offers services that you will not find even in traditional offices.

Networking and collaboration

You will find that networking is essential for startups and coworking spaces are the perfect places for networking and collaboration. You will have a chance to meet people who are working in the same field and you can generate new ideas from them.

Coworking spaces organize regular networking events which will give you an opportunity to connect with the right people and explore new opportunities to grow your business. Startup Grind Surat often hosts events in coworking spaces to teach, inspire and connect entrepreneurs.

With all these benefits you will find that coworking spaces are the best options for startups. Other than being cost-effective these office spaces have the great infrastructure they house like-minded entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic in developing their business.


If you are looking for a perfect place to host meetings and events with a professional setup then you will find it in these coworking spaces. Whether you are a freelancer, remote worker or someone trying to establish a small business in Surat you will be completely at ease when you choose to work from a coworking space.

Coworking spaces in Surat offer a number of benefits that more and more startups and businesses will opt for them instead of traditional offices.