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Coworking Space Offers Luxury to Insurance Agents

Are you an Insurance agent always meeting and following up with clients?

Is the coffee shop your head quarter or your house your Conference Center?

Are you on a lookout to rent a place but cannot acquire an office because you are always touring on your toe?

Allow us to be your knight in the shining armor – How do you ask?

We offer you a working place that comes with no hassle, complete flexibility and allows you to tour the world. Who are we?

Ikoverk – Offering convenience and clients to Insurance Agents

IKOVERK is a co-working space that convenes people from different professional backgrounds including startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants and agents and creates a community to work together yet grow individually.

When you work from home, there are a lot of distractions and isolation which grind down your creativity as well as productivity. But with IKOVERK co-working space, distractions are always at bay and you get access to state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

With the growing number of agents and freelancers, IKOVERK provides the best working ambiance at affordable prices facilitating you to find the creative motivation and companionship that you’re yearning for.

Why Does an Insurance Agent require a Co-Working Space?



Your home-office may be cozy and quiet but sometime that is the sole reason for your dull and unproductive work. IKOVERK backs you with a co-working arrangement which will shake things up for you and create more opportunities to connect, collaborate, and create.

Let’s face it, there’s a drive that urges when you work around people who share your verve and enthusiasm which is not possible to get in your lonely coffee corner.



Sitting in someone else’s office and having awkward conferences to build connections can be exasperating. In a co-working setting, IKOVERK helps you network organically as you work together with other coworkers. Moreover, your coworkers can also turn into future clients or a collaborative partner. You never know!

IKOVERK provides all the agents a generous opportunity for natural connections as well as professional expansion.



Holding a meeting at your home or a nearby café can hinder your professional image. Providing you specialized meeting rooms and conference rooms, IKOVERK helps you work on your professional status.

With a more professional setting for a meeting, away from all the background noises and distractions, IKOVERK is at your service to motivate your vision and efficiency.

IKOVERK solves your problem of a place to hold a conference.  Even if you are not a member of the IKOVERK co-working community, you can still take the benefit of the conference room. You can book the meeting room prior to your meeting and exude professionalism to impress your potential clients.



Are you tired of stacking up all your work-related documents at your home? Is your private space no more private due to the office documents spread all over your house?

Well, IKOVERK provides you space to store all your office stationary and be more organized. Draw a clear line between work and personal life with Ikoverk’s locker service.



If you’re still rethinking your decision about joining a co-working place, consider the best part – The Cafeteria!

A stacked-up cafeteria with all the delectable dishes and coffee, IKOVERK co-working space gives you an excuse to network and strike a conversation over a cup of coffee. Or just relish the food on a bad day.

So, if you are considering a change in your environment and incorporate professionalism in your daily routine, then trust us, IKOVERK is the place to be. It also offers eight days a week plan comprehending the need of professional ambiance because the probability of closing a deal increases when you work in a professional setting.

So, grow exponentially with us even if it is only for a few hours each week.

Turn your working experience into a happy networking session with us!