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Discover Surat's Contribution to Startup India Initiative

India has managed to retain its position as the 3rd largest start-up ecosystem in the world with more experienced professionals taking entrepreneurial route. The young Entrepreneurs of our country has time and again proved its entrepreneurial capabilities to the world. The Indian unicorn list is expected to add 10 more businesses by the end of 2020. The number of women founders has increased to 14% in 2018 from 11% last year as well as more Tier 2 / Tier 3 cities are emerging as startup accommodators.

Rich in resources, workforce and talent, India is thriving with eminent startups showcasing their innovation with the support and push by our present government. India has launched a #StartUpIndia project under the leadership of our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 16th January 2016 with the motive to flourish and achieve a colossal turnaround in the Startup ecosystem.

In 2018, the (r)evolution of the Indian startup ecosystem has moved much beyond the usual suspects i.e, Mumbai, Bangalore and NCR. We are increasingly coming across Startup Success stories from the Tier-2 cities (Kochi, Coimbatore and Surat, for instance) and Tier-3 cities of India, contributing to solving problems through innovative means in sectors ranging across healthcare, Education, agriculture, Fin-tech, Blockchain technology etc.

To give you an idea about which kind of Startups are leveraging the power of this scheme and to give you an idea of how you can get your Startup recognised, we have compiled and curated the data relating to DIPP recognized Startups from Surat.

DIPP Recognized Startups from Surat


DIPP No.- DIPP32659

Sector- E-Deals through Mobile App


This startup helps the city to discover and offers the top deals and offer from the finest restaurants, spas, gyms, health and wellness. Rescuing you from splurging every time, Dealbox saves your money with the awesome deals with Zero membership cost from consumers. Kudos to the Founders that this local based bootstrapped Startup has been able to structure much better Deals for the Consumers than Zomato or Swiggy by providing Coffee or Pastry for just Re 1. 


DIPP No.- DIPP2970

Sector- Entertainment and Amusement Park


Shott is the next-gen social heaven for limitless entertainment at the most happening location in Surat.  Spread over an area of 100000 Sq. Ft., Shott offers plenty of entertainment to every age group along with gifting ear-to-ear joyful experience to the localities. The Simulation cricketing experience provide customer a amazing Virtual reality experience wherein the consumer pads up and enters the Cricket Box to chase a predefined target on the Artificial Turf Pitch wherein the Balls are delivered through a computerized system.

The innovation lies in the introduction of brand new technology in form of 360 degree cricket simulator which allows you to face bowling of celebrity bowlers in their individual style and speed.


Sector - Design and Development


Iconscout is the next-generation Design Resource Marketplace and Design Assets Management tool made to simplify collaboration between designers, engineers, product managers, and teams across organization .

It was on the 12th of August in 2016 that Iconscout was taken online with 1,00,000+ assets on its platform. From the initial thousand users in the beginning to 1 Lakh+ users on the platform currently, Iconscout has faced its share of ups and down. From selling Tshirts to Uber and KTM to executing design projects for leading companies in India, the team did everything needed to bootstrap Iconscout for the world to see.


DIPP No.- DIPP4826

Sector – Tobacco and Nicotine Free


This startup registered under the #StartUpIndia project lends a helping hand and empowers people to quit tobacco with an ayurvedic smoking therapy under the brand name “Royal Swag.” It satisfies the users’ psychological craving without the harmful effects of smoking.

This Startup has also provided its useful contribution in Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan by tieing up with initiatives of local authorities to decrease the waste of cigarette butts.


DIPP No.- DIPP26163

Sector - Agriculture


Representing the organic agriculture, Ozorganic uses the most improved technique “Aquaponics” to cultivate vegetables in the most organic manner without the use of any harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Their vision is to act as a shield for plants and vegetables from harmful chemicals just like the ozone layer acts as the shield to block the harmful UV rays.


Sector- Aggregation Platform


An “Aggregator Platform” for daily Car and Bike wash, on-demand Car and Bike wash, Accessories for Car and Bike, and other services in the nature of car beautification and decoration provides the best possible services at the doorstep.


DIPP No.- DIPP3061

Sector- Ed-tech


World’s first TV Ad Replacer/Blocker, “Edutree”, replaces TV Ad’s with the K12 educational content, saving the viewers from disruption and harmful effects of unwanted ad programs on their brain while simultaneously educating them with animation contents with a topic of their choice both automatically or by switching manually. It is only one of the few Startups of India who have been granted a certificate to avail tax exemption under the Income tax law


Sector- Drugs and Pharmaceuticals


“GenMed” is an exclusive generic medicine retail brand having retail stores where one can buy generic medicines and pharmaceutical products at an affordable cost. It has a huge range of generic drugs, common medicines, ayurvedic products, cosmetics, surgical products, etc. apart from wide choice of OTC products including wellness products, vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, herbal products, pain relievers, diabetic care kits, baby/mother care products, beauty care products and surgical supplies.



Its innovative product named “FLIPPY” is the world’s first reversible Micro USB charging cable. This revolutionizes the way smartphones are charged via Micro-usb cable. Its ability to reverse both the sides of the mobile charger cables into their respective ports alongwith the feature of tangle free nature of the cable makes it hassle free for users.


Sector- Travel and Tourism


Believing in bestowing customers with the best of travel experiences around the world, its online website includes sections like Flights, Hotels, Buses, Insurance, and other services.

he entity allows focusing at encouraging people to give in to their latent travel desires while making the entire researching, planning and buying experience convenient and personalized through its suite of solutions, content, and offerings.


DIPP No.- DIPP7695

Sector- Architectural Design using Virtual Reality


An innovation of rendering 2D architectural images as well as blueprints into a 3D format supported by the concept of “Virtual Reality”, One Plus 1 provides a wide and comprehensive range of architectural and interior designing of the property along with the 360-degree view of the same.


DIPP No.- DIPP10618

Sector - Home Furnishing


Its core offering “Modular furniture” has the ability to lend a superior look to any space. When compared to the usual furniture style, it offers a futuristic magnificence. Innovative kitchen with finest material, Super luxurious Bedroom, Hotel units, etc. are its products. Further the Modular furniture is extremely flexible, can be packed in minutes if required.


DIPP No.- DIPP5429

Sector- Design and Engineering of Machines


Recognized by their clients as a reliable partner for comprehensive mechanical engineering solutions, it paves the way of easy solutions in the field of Mechanical Engineering” by smart and effective ways of providing the solutions. The broad offerings are Conceptualization, 3-D Modeling, Assembly & Finite Element Analysis of heavy structures & frames.


Sector- Travel and Hospitality


Their unique idea of combining the experience of travel with delicious food evolved their entity named “The Traveller Café” wherein people can enjoy delicious food and make travel plans alongside with the help of their trained and experienced professionals.

Their idea is to provide international cuisines to the customers along with travel stories and a platform to meet and curate travel plans with the input of the previous travelers.


Sector- Co-Working space


iKoVerk is a Vibrant Co-working Space” in Surat that converges people from different Professional Backgrounds which may include Startups, Freelancers, Consultants, and Young Entrepreneurs. The idea is to offer “a Plug and Play” Workdesk with a wide array of amenities and provide people an opportunity to connect and collaborate with other coworkers.

The “Synergy” surely works when one get exclusive access to the “Think Tank” – the Mentors spanning across various fields of expertise and their highly “curated community events” like Investor Meetups, Demo Days, Open Mics etc. helping coworkers to Co-rise and improve their business growth trajectory.


Sector- Virtual Reality and 3D


Melzo is a web-based ecosystem” simplifying Virtual Reality content discovery & sharing. We believe VR is the next evolution of experiences. It wants to catalyze the internet's evolution from 2D to 3D. Melzo is optimized for adaptive and progressive delivery of immersive interactive VR experiences even over low internet speeds & low-end devices common across India.

Their VR editor is built to simplify VR content creation for masses with just drag-n-drop, to be shared with just a web-link. The Melzo ecosystem is built for global consumers & businesses & yet optimized for Bharat. Melzo as Startups won the First Prize of Rs. 30,00,000/- in Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit 2018 Grand Challenge and made Surat proud on the map of Startups of Gujarat


DIPP No.- DIPP32250

Sector- Fashion Jewellery and CVD


Their online portals aim to trade and educate about lab grown diamonds” and its variety in jewellery. While one of their Product is created to provide information about different types of CVD diamonds, their another portal  is B2C e-commerce portal containing wide range of diamond, gold and pearl jewellery such as ring, earring pendants, necklace, bangle & bracelets and many more.


DIPP No.- DPIIT33212

Sector- Home Automation through IOT


This firm has has made Innovative deployment of IOT (Internet of Things) Technology by revolutionizing the way people operate switches by making switches extra smart with some most technological breakthrough.

Any smart devices for Home automation till now require an active Wi-Fi at your home or an active internet on your phone but VEGG unique “device” can control the devices through phones only; and there is no requirement of router or internet to control the devices locally.


Sector- Satellite and Space


Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry is a research-based startup that aims to make space travel commercial and colonize Mars. STAR is also a platform for students who want to design, build and launch sounding rockets and small satellites. It provides internship and hand on experience of working on a High powered Rocket.


DIPP No.- DIPP18055

Sector- Interiors


CONCEPT YUA Interiors is developing transformational projects across different countries, Working with clients that have global regulations for excellence.

Based in Surat since 2015, Concept Yua Interiors has redefined “ParaInteriorioration” for the 21st century with a repertoire imaginations across the globe


Sector : Advertising


WooHoo is the latest medium of connecting with the people of City Hundreds of HD LED Screens which are placed at locations attracting high footfall which includes Malls, Multiplexes, Commercial Complexes, Textile Markets, Restaurants, Food Joints, Residential Towers etc.

Attractive Video Ads with Informative Content are displayed via these screens reaching a huge volume of audience thus making it a brilliant medium to Advertise.

Mr. Mehul Shah, practicing CA who has acted as an authorized representative to draft the Startup application for most of the above Startups and partner of the firm Rasesh Shah and Co says “The present government has always been supportive to the Startup community and the recent increase in air connectivity shall also help in fostering the Startup eco-system in Surat. Further the relaxation to DIPP ( now DPIIT) recognized Startup from Angel tax by recent Notification dated 19.02.2019 is a revolutionary step by the Government which shall necessitate each Startup seeking Investment to apply for Startup Recognition before approaching Investors”

The Indian startup juggernaut is rapidly growing in Indian Tier 2 and 3 cities. Apart from these 20 startups, there are many others who are disrupting different industry segments in Surat.

If you wish to become a part of this growing revolution, it’s time you roll up your sleeves and put your best foot forward by taking helping hand from Incubators, Accelerators and Coworking Spaces around you.