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Ikoverk - A coworking experience worth trying!

Do you feel isolated and secluded working alone in your office? Enclosed within the four walls?

Are you looking for more exposure and quick networking?

Want a fun 9-5 workplace?

Welcome to the world of coworking - where communities are built!

Coworking is the new trend which is spreading really quickly,  resonating with the ethos of working culture but with a fun twist.

Coworking combines quintessential C’s of the business - Collaborate, Create and Connect. And Ikoverk truly lives by these words.

Surat’s one of the largest coworking spaces, Ikoverk is young and renowned for hosting a range of activities and programs to entertain and foster the culture of a community. It believes in connecting people to break the ice so they can break through their businesses.

Why a Co-working Space?

No wonder you’re feeling why shall I bring this new change in my work schedule, sounds like a fad trend which is bound to vanish?

Well, we know change is something you wouldn't wanna experiment with, but we have reasons why it will work out for you this time, ain’t no FAD!

Being a startup who is looking forward to scaling business and build a team, it makes no sense to lease an uptown office on a two-year contract, this is where Ikoverk steps in. From providing personal desks to hot tables and conference rooms, it provides a professional environment for growth while being flexible with the working space, there is room for all.

Yes, collaboration. As you start something new, the first thing you have to work upon is your networking, but what if we give you the exact set of people and push to do that? Sounds like a cakewalk to networking. With diversity at Ikoverk, regular startup meets and events, you can always find someone with the skillset to help you out and build a strong network.

The creative ambiance, managing the resources to getting in touch with experienced mentors, we have curated the best possible experience one can have while working at a coworking space.

We can go on and on about how Ikoverk is changing dynamics of work culture, but instead of accepting things at face value, we thought why not leverage the benefits that come with a coworking space? Let’s see what Ikoverk really has to offer to its fellow Ikoverkers.

Stories of Ikoverk

Nupur Agarwal from Pocket Pixels quotes, “Connections and networking is a major reason why Ikoverk is the best coworking space in the city. It has definitely helped us grow professionally. But a crucial aspect of Ikoverk is that it believes in the growth of ‘We’ rather than ‘Me’ and hosts many events which connects us to more people. We have built such strong connections with other coworkers here that everyone now feels like a family.”

Anjali Saboo from The Content Curators commented on how friendly yet professional was the environment was at Ikoverk, “ Ikoverk offers a productive, creative and pleasing work atmosphere for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups. It motivates communities to collaborate and learn from each other for sustainable growth as the luminaries behind the idea of establishing, It helps in growing together.”

Krunal Asrawala from The Travel Company said, “Ikoverk was a great decision for my business. It helped me gain better contacts and network well with others. The amenities and services that Ikoverk provides its coworkers are the added benefits of working here. Ikoverk also connects us with more people and helps us build a community beyond work meetings. I am thinking of renewing our year-long contract as we loved working here.”

Isn’t that proof enough?

If you would like to book a tour of this amazing workspace or visit it just to experience coworking thrills, be sure to click on the given button!