Coworking Space 0 Comments 9th Aug 2020

What makes ikoverk different from any other shared office?

Are you an established corporation, a freelancer, a startup, an entrepreneur or a creator in Surat? Are you longing for a quiet yet cohesive work space in Surat? Undoubtedly, Surat’s start-up scene is in its nascent stages and aspiring people such as you wish to grab on to the best the city can offer.

Surat’s Ultimate Workstation

Ikoverk provides you with the ultimate workstation that gives you the experience of having uninterrupted work hours, collaborative freedom and inspiring conversations. We guarantee you that your client meetings would run perfectly in our soundproof cabins. Our creative Workspace (aka War Room) is completely isolated from our highly chill and informal rooftop chambers. So, you can achieve your goals with high productivity.

Mentor’s Mantra

Ikoverk has collaborated with Surat’s best intellectuals. Our Mentor Panel involves 40+ mentors ON-BOARD, all with different fields and backgrounds. This diverse board brings you the city’s most accomplished faces. The co-workers receive access to exclusive Mentorship sessions from their preferred mentors.

Perpetual Progress

Ikoverk plans to provide a platform for future generations to act as a stepping stone towards their roadway to success. The Partners at Ikoverk wish to nurture self-sustained and strong individuals that can make their business or startups a successful reality. We wish to see our co-workers create their own path and leave a legacy to welcome the fresh future.