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Why is Coworking the best solution for the Diamond industry?


Will Surat be the next Mega Diamond Hub after Mumbai? Well, this line has been a constant point of conversation among the diamond traders and various companies dealing in diamonds! 


The textile city; SURAT has much to offer rather than just raw greys and delicious recipes! Surat has always been associated with diamonds but now the picture is getting larger than ever. 


If reports are to be believed, "Over 1000's small and medium traders have expressed their intention to shift to Surat. Many of them have already moved their operations here due to a major COVID threat situation in Mumbai.


In all these discussions, one new segment is also been closely associated with this news i.e. Co-Working Space. It is considered that Co-Working Spaces are probably the Best Solutions for the Diamond Industry! 


Wondering Why? 

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Surat will be the HOST of the Diamond Industry!


Let’s understand, why the diamond industry is gradually shifting to Surat? 


Surat has always been a different kind of city; when the entire world was facing crises, surat was standing still and firm. 


The availability of space and trade area in surat is more explorable and affordable than in MUMBAI. 


We believe there are many factors that have influenced this decision like Cost, Resources, Availability, Transportation, Infrastructure, Financial Strengths, and of course the potential of the city. Probably these are all the reasons behind considering Surat to be all set for the recognition of the Mega Diamond Hub by 2022. Keeping faith in this vision and backed by their own will, about 70 Diamond Companies have already shifted to Surat from Mumbai. 


If this happens at the correct time, it will change many statistics and the position of India in the Global Market. Surat has already been a diamond hub; as a major number of diamonds - let’s say 8 out of 10 diamonds are manufactured in surat; however, the exports are majorly done from Mumbai. So this entire process of making and exporting simultaneously will happen in surat! And this will turn a diamond hub into a mega diamond hub! 


A lot of hopes are connected with this forecasting! As the progress or bullish trend in one industry generally shows Green signals to many other industries, here real estate industries and employment sectors are having high hopes! As with the shift of traders; the demographic needs like flats and houses will also increase. Employment will surely see a rise.


→ What’s the role of Co-Working Spaces if Surat becomes a Mega Diamond Hub?


Co-working spaces have been trending in surat and obviously, metro cities have been exploring this trend for a while now. As and when the industries and traders of diamonds from various cities shall start visiting surat, they will need a fairly good place to work. A lot of meetings for prospects shall be conducted. All these are soon to happen! Like just in one year. So all of them can’t build up a new office place for themselves, their team, their marketing staff and other people at such short notice; also in the post covid era, everyone might now have sufficient funds. 


So, here comes the savior in the picture i.e. Co-Working Spaces! It is easy to rely on co-working spaces as the membership fees are easily affordable and it's cheaper than the cost of setting up an entire office. 


Let's check out the benefits of Co-Working Spaces: 


1. Flexible Working: 


At co-working spaces; the work time is flexible! You can come at the time suitable for you and leave at the convenience. If you are dealing in diamonds you might need to visit a factory and balance the routine. So with the help of flexible working time or a place that helps you work flexibly can productively change the scenario! A person has a designated work spot in co-working spaces, so it will be more like a person's cabinet to work! Henceforth you can work with ease.


2. Cost-efficiency: 


As discussed, the membership fees of co-working spaces are way more affordable than owning an entire office, spending after infrastructure, making the stationery available. You can get all these facilities at co-working spaces in a lesser investment; also some co-working spaces have a cafeteria! The majority of co-working places are in the heart of the city, therefore the travel cost also reduces, you can work from the prominent locations and meet clients there itself! 


3. Networking Opportunities


The co-working spaces are full of people from different industries! It's more like an open opportunity to connect with people; do personal branding and enjoy the fruits of advertising without spending a single penny on marketing! 


How to take advantage of coworking for your diamond workers?


  • Readymade Infrastructure:
    We have already discussed that the idea and concept of co-working spaces are pocket-friendly for everyone! Let's understand the cost factors and variants that you can SAVE by opting for a co-working space! 


No cost or investment for: 

- infrastructure 

- building an ambiance

- making stationery available

- setting up a cafeteria 

- investing in developing personal cabinets

- wifi connectivity

- rent of the office 

- paying electricity bills 


and much more...


Co-Working spaces save you from all of these! In return, you just have to pay a nominal membership fee! Especially in the initial years of set up; it is necessary to put a cut on expenses! Diamond working can enjoy all the perks without burdening the pocket. 


  • Collaborate with other like-minded people:


There are high possibilities that you meet some people at co-working spaces sharing the same interest as you, isn't meeting like-minded people more fun? 

Because meeting like-minded people helps you: 

- Discuss the ideas in a better way

- Talk about the trends of the industry 

- Share the highs and lows of the job 

- Know more about opportunities

- Polish your knowledge

- Learn from other's mistakes 


And the list goes on and on! 

Diamond Workers can meet people from their industry and share ideas, know the city better, define the target, and can develop a personal level. All these are important parts of learning and exploring and without doing it; one can not grow! 


  • Professional environment:


Co-working spaces are not some random hang-out places, they have a decorum that is to be followed! 

Such places have a proper corporate and professional environment that helps you to work in a focused way and meet your goals easily. Diamond workers at no point shall get disturbed while working at such places; as they provide privacy to each working here. 




The partnership of co-working spaces and the diamond industry shall definitely change a lot of parameters of traditional working! Well, that’s in need of an hour; surat city is the smart city for such reasons. This collaboration is surely turning the pace of development rise higher.