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Amit Zorba

  I like ikoverk because it’s a novel idea for a workplace with all amenities and no worries. Basics are well taken care of and I can focus on the truly essential matters.


Vijay Kantharia

  iKoVerk is a fantastic initiative which will help the budding startup by providing the great startup environment with cool infrastructure. It will also help startup network with each other enhancing the collaborative efforts.


Jaba Champaneria and Mitesh Champaneria

  The decision to move our base to Ikoverk has helped us become more creative, focused and positive. Ikoverk is the best thing that has happened to us, as it has a wonderful ambience, amazing coffee and great meeting rooms


Amit Tiwari

  iKoVerk is one of the best places in Surat from where one can work in a professional environment with all the required amenities. One gets to encounter people from different business sectors which can be useful in growing the business. It is an excellent place for startups and freelancers to work, get good connections and mentorship as well.


Mohit Chopra

  The ambiance at Ikoverk inspires me to grow, learn, be creative and achieve greatness in my journey. I love using the recreational facilities like the Colosseum, which is the open terrace to chill out.


Nupur Agarwal

  There’s a sense of joy at ikoverk, which not only brings positivity around me but also inspires my style of working. The space is casual but well organized, with an open terrace to breathe and have awesome chocolate cookies. I consider the professional conduct and like-minded coworkers as a good boost to my social as well as professional life.


Mehul Doshi

  Ikoverk is a perfect place to work, offering a corporate experience, with an opportunity to meet individuals from different professions and backgrounds who can mutually benefit from each others’ skills and experiences.

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