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10 Content Advertising Growth Hacks for Indian Startups

Content Marketing is often the last thing to be done and it needs to be done right in the event you would like to reach out to your clients in a meaningful manner.

The following pointers shall help you to generate better content for you audience:

1. Generate shareable content

Make your articles pertinent to your audience. How can it be achieved? Well, begin by creating well-researched articles and put them ahead through the perfect distribution channels so that they get to the right target audience.

As well as, to make your content relevant, you want to provide your readers/ customers the content they love. Apparently there is a poll that says 20 percent of Indian users love inspirational content.

2. Audience and connection

One of the means to do this would be to get your buyer personas set up. Bear in mind, the more in-depth your study, the better your final tailored product will be.

3. Be growth oriented

The sole purpose of your content will be to help you grow. If your content doesn't bring you expansion, you may want to relook at it. Before we create some material, we ought to make sure it's contributing to the corporation's growth in some manner. Taking the case of the Zomato infographic, it helped to link the business to its own pizza fans and make the pizza fans slightly hungry.

4. Engaging with customers

Every customer loves a business that loves its clients. The quantity of love given should be equivalent to the amount obtained. As much as you can, attempt to participate with your customers one-on-one. It may be about something important like solving their problem or something small like admitting their comments on your articles. Bear in mind, every little interaction issues and helps build your own brand.

5. Re-model your content

There can be two kinds of articles: One can be Brick Content and second can be Feather Content. Brick content is your white paper material which contains every bit of research you've done, across verticals. Soft content is all of the light-hearted information you set up on social networking, blogs, and other content platforms. In the case of 'Brick Content', the intense research functions to construct a knowledge repository and is normally information-heavy. Break it down and create blogs, infographics and social networking posts from it.

6. Data, data, and information

Every bit of content has to be data-driven. Create content after assessing the sales funnel. Look at what works and what does not. See and monitor what your audience absorbs and make more of what they want to see.

7. Craft virality

Many people agree to the fact that nothing can assure you virality. There's absolutely no way you can state that your articles will go viral ahead. However, there are tendencies that go viral. That can allow you to generate content using a higher probability of going viral.

We can not harp enough on how important headlines are. Every Content provider on the world wide web is click-baiting their customers to read their posts via their headlines. Capture the attention of your clients with catchy headlines that hit a chord with the reader. Ideally, you need to write numerous headlines for all your posts and pick the best one. Examine the headlines to know what is most appealing to your readers. Check out Buzzfeed's headlines; they will provide you headline objectives.

9.CTA (Call-To-Action) units strategy

Call-to-action units are switches from which the client can directly interact with your organization. All these are crucial as they offer you a direct lead in your company via your content.
Facebook like switches, share buttons, newsletter signups, know more about business buttons and buy product buttons are all considered CTA units. Put them in front of your consumer, and your viewers will certainly react to it.

10. Consider content the king and distribution its queen

In BuzzFeed, during his talk at Behance's 99U Pop-Up School occasion stated, "Content and supply have to go together. If you create 15 articles each day, and you do not distribute, it's of no use. You create 5 and repurpose them hundred times which isn't going to work. Thus, create 10 and put it to work. Be there for the proper people".

Design and advertise your content. Though not an exhaustive listing, the mix of all of these pointers should certainly help you to get the ball rolling on.